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Our Mission


At Ink Cares, our mission is to foster a community where movement and art transcend barriers and inspire boundless possibilities. We believe in the transformative power of the performing arts, not merely as art forms, but as forces capable of unlocking creativity, confidence, empathy and resilience.

Our foundation is rooted in the profound belief that the arts possess an unparalleled capacity to enrich lives, foster thriving communities, enhance academic absorption, and promote the vitality of neighborhoods. Our commitment extends beyond the building walls, reaching to touch the hearts and lives of others where the tapestry of our shared humanity is woven with the vibrant colors of artistic expression.

At Ink Cares, we believe in the ink that writes the stories of beauty, resilience, equality, and unity.


Through the four pillars of Ink Cares, we strive to leave a positive mark on the lives of those of which we are fortunate enough to cross paths.

Through Dance Ink and Ink University, we teach our students to have an openness to critical thinking and an exchange of ideas, to respect diversity through thought and being, and to have a commitment to excellence through professionalism, athleticism, hard work and self-discipline.  We teach mindfulness and wellbeing, as well as use multimedia and technology, to ensure our students have a chance of great success in this ever-changing world.  

Through our professional company (Ink Productions), community outreach, and our associates, we practice all of what we preach to produce world class performances, develop the skills and footprints of our associates, and be increasingly involved in providing solutions and impact for the needs of our surrounding communities.


About Us/ What We Offer: About Us

What We Offer

Performing Arts Classes

Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Vocal, Acting, Baton, Piano, Adult Classes, 
Creative Movement, Discover Dance and so much more!!


Performance Team

Performance Ink participates in local Parades and Festivals.
All Participants must be a student of Dance Ink. 
You must be enrolled in musical theatre. 
There is a $50 per month performance ink fee that is added to the tuition.  This will go towards master classes, costumes, performance fees/venues, and additional rehearsals. 
Performance Ink will participate in classes, spring production, holiday show, holiday parade, holiday season showcases, summer season, competitions & conventions are options, and INK Cares*. 
Audition required.

About Us/ What We Offer: What We Do

Competition Teams

Ballet Ink, Fierce Ink, & Access Ink

Must be a student of Dance Ink to compete.  You must be enrolled in a minimum of three classes including the style in which you compete.  All technique styles require that you take ballet, jazz, and one additional technique.  There will be two levels of competition: Primary & Advanced.  The placement will be based on the number of classes taken/hours of dance studied each week.  Additional fees apply for choreography, costumes, props, registration, and competition fees.  These will be outlined for each individual competition based on the prices and location of the competition.  Fierce Ink will participate in classes and spring production, holiday show, competitions and conventions, showcases, and INK Cares*. Audition required.


Special Opportunities

One Step at a Time

We will be offering students with a desire to pursue dance professionally the invitation to attend summer intensive auditions, additional master classes, and scholarship opportunities.
We will be planning additional trips to give students the opportunities to take classes in industry leading cities and also see productions they could someday be a part of in smaller cities too!

Find out more by contacting us.

About Us/ What We Offer: What We Do
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