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Dance Ink: Programs
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Dance Ink

Carnegie Location

225 W Main Street Carnegie, PA 15106

Louise By Dance Ink

Baden Location

600 State Street Baden, PA 15005

Who We Are

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 Dance Ink has combined with Ink Cares to operate fully as ONE non-profit organization.

The owners of Dance Ink decided to open their first studio within weeks of finding out a number of their students would no longer be able to attend their previous dance school or possibly continue to dance together.  The owners truly feel like they become an important part of the lives of their students and their students become an even more important part of the lives of their teachers.  The owners put together a business plan and found the resources to start their business and begin classes for 60+ students in just THREE WEEKS.  Within the past 18 months, there have been many learning curves, ups, downs, celebrations, changes of trajectory, and much more.  First and foremost, we appreciate the patience and grace we have received from all of you as we learn to build this organization that we are more than proud of.  We commit to continue to learn and to listen.  We also commit to ensuring our own professional development to give our students the best because they deserve nothing less.

With all of this said and as many of you know, this organization was never built for the sake of money, profit, or attention.  Several owners, teachers, and staff at Dance Ink volunteer much of their time to make this successful.  This is why we have decided to move in the direction of operating as a fully non-profit organization.  The resources and opportunities that will be available are priceless and we will receive the many benefits of being led by experts in their fields on the Board of Trustees. 

Nothing changes in regards to how the schools operate.  Tuition and fees all go directly towards the overhead costs of running the organization and having brick and mortar locations.  Any additional income received will go directly back into the programs we offer.  We intend to continue to offer affordable classes and opportunities for all.  All of the changes are happening behind the scenes but we are certain that all will feel even more positive effects in the future.  Dance Ink has already been so successful in its short time and we are so excited for all the future will hold!

Dance Ink: Who We Are

What We Offer

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Performing Arts Classes

Ballet, Pointe, Pre-pointe, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Tap, Vocal, Acting, Jazz, Acrobatics, Baton, Piano, Competition Dance, Performance Ink, Adult Classes, Yoga, Hip Hop Cardio, Mommy and Me and many more to come..

Performance Team

Performance Ink Participates in local Parades and Festivals. All Participants must be a student of Dance Ink.  You must be enrolled in musical theatre.  There is a $50 per month performance ink fee that is added to the tuition.  This will go towards master classes, costumes, performance fees/venues, and additional rehearsals.  Performance Ink will participate in classes and spring production, holiday show, holiday parade, summer season, holiday season showcases, competitions and conventions are options, and INK Cares*.  Audition required.

Dance Ink: What We Do
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