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First Class Design's

Official Business Partner with Dance Ink

T-shirts- $15.00

Custom T-Shirts- $20.00 ( 2x and above sizes are $5.00 extra)

Hoodies- $35.00

Long Sleeve t-shirts- $20.00

Shorts/Biker Shorts- $20.00

Hats- $15.00

Mugs- $15.00

Wine Glasses - $10.00 each or 2 for $15.00

Water Bottles- $12.00

Warm Up Jackets- $75.00

Warm up Leggings- $35.00

Full Warm Up- $110.00

Towels- 2 for $45.00

Phone Cases- $20.00

Custom Car detail- $8.00

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Pretty Girl Cosmetic Kit

Dance Ink - Makeup Kit

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Place orders for Dancewear, Shoes, Tights and accessories here!

*Fierce Ink Dancer's please check with staff before purchasing items.

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