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2023 Montour Performance Program

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Montour Performance Program: News

After School Program

Open enrollment until May 31st!  Call Today! 412-427-2837


Program Time: 3:00PM- 4:15PM
Price: $45.00 a month per class
Teacher: Alivia Cooper (
All participants must enroll in autopay to register for classes.
All classes will finish with a showcase!

Montour Performance Program: About

Who We Are

Welcome to Ink Cares! We plan on helping the community, schools, and arts programs in and around the Pittsburgh area.

We will use this business to build a vibrant and alive environment with new ideas and new faces. Come join the Ink Cares movement today! #LeaveYourMark


Ink University - education outreach

Ink Cares - community outreach

Ink Productions - professional theater company

Ink Factory - professional dance company

This organization is built on the foundation and scientific research that the arts enrich lives, help communities thrive, help students absorb academics, make neighborhoods healthy and stronger, and cross ethnic, racial, gender, and age barriers.


Montour Performance Program: Who We Are
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